Rochester Math and Science Academy
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A Warm Welcome!

Rochester Math and Science Academy (RMSA) is a K-8 public charter school that is located in Rochester, Minnesota. RMSA opened its doors in the fall of 2005. RMSA provides an excellent, high-quality academic option for students living in Rochester, Minnesota. Our teachers are highly qualified and are licensed by the State of Minnesota. To read about our Vision and Mission, along with our Values and Goals, please Read more

2014-2015 Celebration Eligible School List

Rochester Math and Science Academy was selected based on the annual MDE's annual MMR and FR.

The Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR) is a 0 to 100% for all schools in the state and includes data on proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction, and graduation rates. The Focus Rating (FR) is a 0 to 100% for all schools in the state and includes data on proficiency and growth for only students of color, special education students, students in poverty and English learners.

School Name MMR FR

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximize opportunities for children through educational innovations that will ensure their full development as healthy and positive contributors to the greater community.

Vision Statement

The school’s vision will meet the distinct needs of our newly arrived student population. Rochester Math and Science Academy (RMSA) will create a supportive family teaching community that utilizes shared ideals, goals and experiences as a major tool for fostering a comprehensive and challenging education. Our vision is to meet the distinct needs of Rochester’s diverse student population. We will use projects and mentorships to integrate learning, encourage daily reading and writing, and motivate academic achievement. Rochester Math and Science Academy will place the student at the center of a diverse and mutually respectful educational community of teachers, parents, inter-generational community volunteers, and experienced teachers who will all act as guidance counselors and student advocates. We will encourage and assist parents and other adults to reinforce student academic performance through extensive student writing and reading. We will work to foster character, initiative, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication as well as academic skills in math/science/technology, the humanities, and communication.